Aichelin develops transparent portal for the maintenance of heat treatment plants

Aichelin Service, service provider for heat treatment plants, has developed an internet-based customer portal for the ideal maintenance and upkeep of furnaces. The heat treatment experts from... more

Primetals to supply continuous slab casters to HBIS

Chinese steel producer HBIS Laoting Steel Co. Ltd. has ordered two new, twin-strand continuous slab casters from Primetals Technologies. The casting plants have a combined capacity of 4.2... more

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heat processing media data available for 2018

The heat processing media data for 2018 are available – both in German and English. Here you can find the editorial schedule, advertising rates and formats and the distribution as well as... more

Fabtech approaches manufacturing’s industrial evolution

Fabtech 2017, North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event, hosted more than 1,700 exhibiting companies and 44,935 attendees from 120 countries to celebrate... more

hp Exclusive

Video: Induction hardening at a glance

This short video illustrates induction hardening, presented by the Induction Heat Treating Corp. A great insight into the work of an induction hardening specialist. more

Hot Shots: Drive technology manufacturing

Huge gears for a rolling mill in the drive technology manufacturing at Hilchenbach workshop, Germany. more

Report: The day after tomorrow – the future of induction heating

Today’s metal working and heat treating shops must quickly adjust to a rapidly changing business environment, maximizing process flexibility and energy efficiency, yet still satisfy... more

Products & Services

Refrigerant free Cryo-treatment for steel strip

While conventional cooling systems mainly operate with climate-damaging refrigerants, Cryoflex CC by Linde uses the coldness of liquid nitrogen but without consuming it. Harrys Feintechnik... more

High-resolution pyrometers with rugged remote sensor head

Fluke Process Instruments expands the Endurance pyrometer series by models with a remote sensing head that tolerates ambient temperatures up to 315 °C. This design is ideal for applications... more

Compact solution for calibrating industrial furnaces

The “AMS2750” and “CQI-9” standards describe the requirements of the aerospace industry and automotive industry regarding thermal process devices used in heat treatment. The Jumo thermoCOR... more

Thermal imaging camera with microscope lens

Optris is expanding its range of non-contact temperature measurement sensors with compact, high-resolution infrared cameras with microscope lenses. “As well as shots of the entire circuit... more

Hardness tester for medium-hard to hard materials

The manufacturer of dimensional measuring instruments Mitutoyo launches a new generation of the Rockwell hardness tester HR-500 for steel, aluminium, brass and other medium-hard to hard metal... more

Mobile and automated laser hardening system

In laser hardening the workpiece surface is irradiated with a laser in a targeted manner and thereby heated locally. The workpiece itself is quenched through the heat influx, and no further... more