ThyssenKrupp and Kibaran conclude offtake agreement

ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products has concluded an offtake agreement for refractory graphite with the Australian company Kibaran Resources Limited. The raw materials trading experts from... more

Seco/Warwick commissions two melting and holding furnaces in India

Seco/Warwick Allied recently commissioned two 60 t melting and holding furnaces for Hindalco Industries Ltd., Aditya Aluminum, Lapanga project, Orissa, India. The furnace design was prepared... more

Heat Treatment Congress 2015 in Cologne again

With a total of 2,600 visitors to the congress and exhibition, the Heat Treatment Congress that took place in 2014 represents a successful new start in Cologne for the Association for Heat... more

Heat Treat 2015 – technical programme announced

The technical programme of Heat Treat 2015 Conference is now live. This year's show takes place from 20 to 22 October in Detroit, Michigan, and features over 130 technical sessions on the... more

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Cross section of a data logger system

Report: Core temperature measurement in slab reheat

The article describes the correct use of data loggers for profiling slab reheat processes. It examines the necessary thermal protection measures and ways to avoid measurement errors. Costs... more

Charging of an electric arc furnace

Video: Charging of an electric arc furnace

The video shows the adding of 75 tons of scrap steel to an electric arc furnace (EAF). more

Levitation melting in action

Video: Levitation melting

Have you ever seen a solid metal part floating? During the levitation melting process a piece of floating metal is melted by induction. more

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Three different hardness zones in the same metal blank

Three hardness zones in the same blank

The Schwartz GmbH presents the "thermal printer" providing tailored tempering and the dew point control system for the air atmosphere of roller-hearth furnaces reducing the risk of... more

Hardening centre for crankshafts

Hardening centre for crankshafts

The BAZ-2 hardening centre from the Maschinenfabrik Alfing Kessler GmbH is the consistent further development of the BAZ KW 600 and is able to harden crankshafts of any cylinder number. The... more

Modular hardening machine for a wide range of applications

The hardening systems from eldec are designed for induction hardening and heat treating. The Mind M hardening machines are available in two versions: the Mind M 250 and the Mind M 1000 which... more

20 channel data logger in operation

Temperature profiling system for kiln processes

The Datapaq TP3 data logger records in-depth temperature profiles and features up to 20 thermocouple channels and a ±0.3 °C accuracy for compliance with stringent specifications. more

Two-colour pyrometer

Compact two-colour pyrometer with integrated display and keyboard

The two-colour pyrometer series CellaTemp PK from Keller MSR Infrared Thermometer Solutions, has a compact housing design. In addition to the measured temperature, the device displays... more

Temperature controller

Temperature controller for embedded applications

The new 5R7-001 temperature controller from Oven Industries creates a seamless transition between heating and cooling devices, as it serves as the commander of thermoelectric modules. The... more