Hot Shots: Heated titanium meets atmosphere

Several titanium alloys are available for different technical applications, not only weight reduction. To specify technical properties for different alloys a test series was done. One of this... more

Hot Shots: View into the electrical strip annealing furnace

The image shows the interior of a radiant-tube-heated (Flox burner) annealing furnace for electrical strip at TKES, Bochum (Germany). more

Hot Shots: Quenching in molten salt

The quenching in molten salt during the heat treatment process of steel guarantees a fast and constant cooling. This assures that the required material properties at the smallest possible... more

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12 impressive pictures give an insight into the impressive world of thermoprocessing technology. more

Hot Shots: Reduction of an aluminium rolling ingot in a hot reversing stand

Reduction of an aluminium rolling ingot of thickness 600 mm in a hot reversing stand, in several passes to a transfer-barthickness of approx. 40 mm. The reduction takes place during hot... more

Hot Shots: Hot gearwheel in a fixture hardening tool in a quench press

Modern fixture hardening machines greatly improve accurancy and reduce cost during hardening of gear parts. (Source: HEESS GmbH & Co KG) > View more more

Hot Shots: Deslagging of molten iron

Deslagging a ladle with 20 t of molten iron is hard and hot work – this iron is used to form large cast pieces in dimensions of up to 11 m in length, 5 m in width and 5 m in height. (Source:... more

Hot Shots: Looper for vertical bright annealing line

For stainless steel strip up to 1.600 mm wide. (Source: Ebner Industrieofenbau GmbH / photo: Froschauer) > View more more

Hot Shots: Tunnel furnace with conveyor belt for isothermal annealing

The tunnel furnace with conveyor belt is used for isothermal annealing with controlled cooling of hot automotive pistons supplied from forging. The productivity range is about 1,100 kg/h. ... more

Hot Shots: Gas carburising furnace in action

Low-distortion heat treatment via removal of the component from a gas carburising furnace and subsequent individual hardening. (Source: AWT e.V.) ... more

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