Robust generators to provide energy for induction heating

Using induction heating, many important processes like hardening, joining, brazing, or pre-heating (for welding processes) are easy to integrate automatically into a production process.... more

Metallographic cutting of metal components

Metkon Instruments develops and supplies a complete preparation programme in metallography. The portfolio covers the complete range of instruments and consumables for metallographic sample... more

Refrigerant free Cryo-treatment for steel strip

While conventional cooling systems mainly operate with climate-damaging refrigerants, Cryoflex CC by Linde uses the coldness of liquid nitrogen but without consuming it. Harrys Feintechnik... more

High-resolution pyrometers with rugged remote sensor head

Fluke Process Instruments expands the Endurance pyrometer series by models with a remote sensing head that tolerates ambient temperatures up to 315 °C. This design is ideal for applications... more

Compact solution for calibrating industrial furnaces

The “AMS2750” and “CQI-9” standards describe the requirements of the aerospace industry and automotive industry regarding thermal process devices used in heat treatment. The Jumo thermoCOR... more

Thermal imaging camera with microscope lens

Optris is expanding its range of non-contact temperature measurement sensors with compact, high-resolution infrared cameras with microscope lenses. “As well as shots of the entire circuit... more

Nano furnace for low-pressure carburizing

Today, customers need to be provided with a fully integrated heat treatment solution and with the same level of flexibility and modularity as the machining. That means to adapt the treating... more

Hardness tester for medium-hard to hard materials

The manufacturer of dimensional measuring instruments Mitutoyo launches a new generation of the Rockwell hardness tester HR-500 for steel, aluminium, brass and other medium-hard to hard metal... more

Mobile and automated laser hardening system

In laser hardening the workpiece surface is irradiated with a laser in a targeted manner and thereby heated locally. The workpiece itself is quenched through the heat influx, and no further... more

Metal annealing and hardening furnaces

Efficient, fail-safe heat treatment of metals requires robust, energy-saving and reliable annealing and hardening furnaces. Rohde has designed new annealing and hardening furnaces in the ME... more

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