ABP Induction Systems GmbH

Report: Use of thermochemical data in inductive melting

Minimizing the energy consumed during inductive melting of metal alloys is an ongoing concern for plant constructors and operators. Surprisingly enough, little thought is given to the... more

Till Schreiter, Managing Director at ABP Induction Systems

heat processing welcomes new member to the Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of heat processing magazine has a new member. Till Schreiter is Managing Director of ABP Induction Systems GmbH in Dortmund, Germany, and advises from now on the editorial... more

ABP Induction exhibits 35 t-furnace at the THERMPROCESS

One of the first exhibits arriving for the THERMPROCESS is an induction furnace from the Dortmund furnace manufacturer ABP Induction Systems GmbH that weighs 50 tons and is more than 5... more

Report: Melting of large steel casting parts in the induction furnace

The voestalpine Group operates in their steel segment a foundry for the manufacture of heavy cast steel with a melt requirement from 1 to 200 t per casting. The melt required in the foundry... more

42 MW induction furnace for melting ferroalloys

Report: Inductive melting in steelworks

After the development of induction technology with inverter outputs of over 40 MW for crucible furnaces with capacities of more than 65 t, the induction furnace offers itself as an... more

The world's highest powered MF induction furnaces in commercial production

One of the world's largest stainless steel suppliers, Tisco (Taiyuan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.), selected ABP Induction Systems GmbH, a pioneer in induction technology, to implement high... more

ABP Induction receives order from China

For the third time ABP Induction receives an order from FAW Foundry Group in China. This time FAW orders 6 Twin-Power® systems with 8 MW each and a total of twelve IFM 7 furnaces (12 t... more

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