Exhibiting Companies

The following companies have already confirmed their participation in the accompanying exhibition of ITPS 2017 in Düsseldorf.
Below you'll find further information about the individual companies (in alphabetical order) and why they want to be part of ITPS.


Our world has become more complex. On one hand we have today a variety of technologies available which were unknown 50, 20 or even 10 years ago. This could be a promising way for improving some of the problems our world still has to solve. On the other hand the speed of evolution in technology, global trade and internationalization seems to be more like a challenge than a progress for many people who are - actively or passively - involved. And because of those concerns, which may be unclear or even unrealistic, there seems to be an increasing uncertainty of how to deal with the future. Some apparently think that turning back the hands of time would be a good approach, concentrating only on their own national points of view and perspectives. And even religiously motivated conflicts, which have shown so many times over the centuries of human history that they never did any good to no side at the end, seem to be back on some people’s agenda as a “problem solving tool” for the future.

What has this all to do with ITPS, which takes place in Düsseldorf in 2017? It started in Düsseldorf, followed by Mumbai and Chicago and has formed an international community of women and men all being involved in the wide field of the thermoprocess industry. A key industry enabling the world to use products, which would be impossible to have without thermoprocess technology. But despite this fact, the thermoprocess industry is a more background-working industry not at all known to the many people who are using thermoprocessed products.

I am glad that I was able to attend every ITPS so far and I am looking very much forward to continue the technological, cultural and political exchange with my dear colleagues from all over the world. This is in my opinion a much better way to work on solving the world’s problems. And it is always good to meet and greet old friends. And Düsseldorf is certainly not a bad place for doing that!

See you there!

Dr. Andreas Seitzer, Managing Director Himmelwerk

Linn High Therm

Linn High Therm, founded by Mr. Horst Linn sen. in 1969 handed over in 2014 to his son Horst Linn jun., is a family owned business headquartered in Bavaria, Germany, specialized in custom-made production of electrically heated furnaces and kilns. Varieties of standard products complete the production program and are the basis for cost-efficient designs based on a modular construction system.

LHT principally uses three heating technologies including their combinations:

  • Resistance heating M
  • Microwave heating
  • Induction heating

LHT is looking back on over 45 years of experience, flexibility driven, and never satisfied with past success. Innovation and continuous improvement is our mission. Providing our customers with the best applicable solution is our goal. Over 90 registered patents are proof of this quest.

There are only a few companies of such qualification and production spectrum: R&D, design, production and quality control all under one roof. From prototype to pilot-scale systems in almost no time. Continuous investment in production facilities ensure an extraordinary production depth which is essential for in-time delivery of units as well as for keeping knowledge and know-how for critical parts.

Linn is serving the following industries directly or via cooperation partners worldwide: Metal, ceramics, chemicals, crystal growing, glass, building materials, research and development, medical, nuclear, recycling, education and food; short: all industries between mining and space.

You can find Linn products everywhere heat treatment takes place - also in your production.

LumaSense Technologies

LumaSense Technologies is a global leader in providing infrared temperature sensing solutions to industrial materials, global energy, and advanced technology markets. Our extensive line of robust temperature and gas sensing instruments provide unprecedented control over environments, safety, productivity and reliability.

We support the industry in every step of the production cycle in terms of optimizing their energy intensive processes. Careful monitoring of process temperatures and of production equipment and machinery is the only way to ensure that product quality will meet the stringent marketplace requirements. During the various production stages temperatures are mostly measured without contact, we offer dedicated solutions for many different applications.

Our systems and solutions span thermal imaging, pyrometry (infrared thermometers), fiber optic temperature sensors, non-dispersive infrared and photoacoustic spectroscopy, gas-sensing modules, and a range of purpose-built sensors. Systems are developed, optimized, and tuned for the specific requirements of resourceintensive global industries. All of these sensors are integrated into feature-rich and customizable software solutions to optimize the insight these sensors can provide and to allow for integration into controls and automation of processes.

With more than 50 years of experience in temperature measurement, LumaSense Technologies is an industry leader in infrared process monitoring for all areas of manufacturing. Our MIKRON thermal imagers and IMPAC pyrometers provide the industry with cutting-edge technology, ease-of-use, accuracy and dependability for monitoring critical parameters for productivity and product quality.

Customers receive optimum consultation to their specific challenges through intensive process analysis by our sales and application engineers for tailormade and customer-specific solutions.

LumaSense Technologies GmbH in Frankfurt is the European headquarter and an affiliated company to LumaSense Technologies, Inc (LTI) based in Santa Clara (CA). With production Sites in USA, Germany (Frankfurt & Magdeburg) as well as Ballerup (DK) and a global Sales Network, LumasSense serves customers worldwide.

WS Wärmeprozesstechnik

WS is an owner operated enterprise which was founded in 1982. Since then, it specialized on highly efficient, low emission burner systems for industrial furnaces. Activities include research, engineering and design, production, sales and service worldwide. WS specialized on energy efficient and low emission gas heating systems for industrial furnaces. Most WS burners combine the heat exchanger for air preheating and the burner to one compact unit. All parts are completely assembled and tested to ensure a smooth installation and start up. Standardized parts assure availability of spare parts for many years.