Process chain for forging
Process chain for flash reduced forging

Report: Simulation of primary heating stage in resource efficient forging chain

In common forging processes for complicated high duty parts, an excess on material (flash) is technically needed which results in a material utilization between 60 and 80 %. Together with the high needed amount for energy the material costs are the main economical factors motivating necessity to develop a new resource efficient process chain for high duty parts based on flash reduced forging. The aim of the presented research is the problem-oriented simulation of a primary induction heating stage in the resource efficient process chain. The presented research project is the result of close collaboration between Leibniz University of Hannover (Germany) and Samara State Technical University (Russia).

Read the report by Yulia Pleshivtseva, Stepan Korshikov, Sebastian Wipprecht, Evgeny Makarov, Egbert Baake, Bernard Nacke

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