"Knowledge" for the future - this is where we have compiled relevant specialist knowledge on all essential facets of thermoprocessing technology. Here you can find, ready sorted under thematic main headings, all the relevant reports, technical books, people and news at a glance. Competently compiled and intelligently interlinked.

hp Exclusive

hp Exclusive offers, even for non-subscribers, a broad storehouse of free-of-charge contents. Here everyone can read selected technical articles, interviews, special sections and photo galleries from heat processing magazine.

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Industrial Furnaces & Processes

Multi-chamber furnace with regenerative heating in action

This thematic main heading features contents on the topics of construction, operation and process-control for all industrial furnaces and heat-treatment installations.

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Burner Technology

Gaze into the flame of a BIO.K burner

From practitioners for practitioners - B2B knowledge in compact format on the subjects of burners, industrial combustion technologies and combustion theory, all at a glance.

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Electrothermal Technology

Simultaneous multi-frequency hardening process in action

Whether hardening, annealing, heating, temperature-maintenance, forging or melting - here we have compiled contents on electrothermal processes for hardening firms, foundries and heat-treatment companies, and also on special applications.

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Components & Services

Heat treatment plant for solution annealing during maintenance

Pumps, pipes, thyristors, product carrier systems (charging racks, etc.) and cooling systems - every thermoprocessing installation consists of countless components. Learn more about components and services such as resources and energy efficiency activities here. > more

Measuring & Automation

A data logger with thermo couple measuring the temperature of the workpiece

No controlled thermal process without reliable measurement, control, regulation, monitoring and automation. You can find all the essential information and articles on high-quality reliable operation of your heat-treatment process here.

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Material Engineering

Glowing graphite electrodes after graphitzation

This section covers all aspects of the refractories and feed materials used in numerous processes. The contents have been selected on the basis of the materials to be heat treated - except steel (e.g. aluminium, ceramics, glass).

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Research & Development

Forming dies being nitrided in a pulsed glow discharge

Read here about the latest developments long before they become universal practice. Learn about research projects, cooperation models between universities and industry, and scientific discoveries.

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Management & Organisations

Heated transfer table with state-of-the-art furnace design

Daily operations need not only technical knowledge but also classical management know-how. Here we have also compiled a range of topics for you, such as guidelines and standardisation, all backed up with operational and business-management expertise. Plus: articles on joint ventures, orders and contracts, up to and including news from various organisations and institutions.

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