Interview with Hans-Joachim Wickert, President of Wickert Maschinenbau GmbH

“Industry 4.0 must be a part of corporate strategy” more

Interview with Katarzyna Sawka, Group Marketing Director of Seco/Warwick

“Augmented reality offers a new era of working” more

Interview with Peter Wendt, Vice President Sales of LOI Thermprocess GmbH

“The objective is to further expand our leading position” more

Interview with Bernhard Juchheim, Chief Executive Officer of Jumo GmbH & Co. KG

“The Chinese dragon is taking a breather, but certainly is not seriously ill” more

Interview with Marek Kędzierzyński, Commercial Director of REMIX S.A.

“The market forces us to unceasingly aspire to perfection and competiveness” more

Interview with Marc Angenendt, CEO of Ipsen International GmbH

“Predictive maintenance is emerging as a powerful tool” more

Interview with Thomas Wolf, managing partner of IBS Industrie-Brenner-Systeme GmbH

"Internationality is an essential factor for our success" more

Interview with Michael K. Klauck, President of Can-Eng Furnaces International Ltd.

"We need to constantly reinvent ourselves" more

Dirk Otto, Europe’s Chief Sales Officer at Ipsen International GmbH

Interview with Dirk Otto, Europe’s Chief Sales Officer at Ipsen International GmbH

"We expect an increasing demand for vacuum technology" more

Thomas Kujadt

Interview with Thomas Kujadt, General Manager Residential Heating of Elster Kromschröder

“We are looking to expand globally by joining forces with Eclipse” more

Francis Liebens, President & CEO of Solo Swiss Group

Interview with Francis Liebens, President and CEO of Solo Swiss Group

"Certain fields of energy efficiency and energy savings are contradictory" more

Heribert Rohrbeck

Interview with Heribert Rohrbeck, CEO of Bürkert Group

“State-of-the-art technology and the best possible quality are a must” more

Interview with William Disler, President and CEO of AFC-Holcroft

"Science needs to lead the energy turnaround, not politics" more

Interview with Bjørn Eldar Petersen, CEO of EFD Induction Group

"There is no easy way to achieve a fast energy turnaround" more

Interview with Peter Klatecki, Vice President of Jasper GmbH

"We want to keep the engineering know-how inside Germany" more

Interview with Thomas Brüser, Managing Director of Gefran Deutschland GmbH

"The labour shortage is definitely affecting us" more

Interview with Laurent Pelissier, CEO of ECM Technologies Group

"We contemplate a strong growth in our photovoltaic sector in the future" more

Interview with Rolf Terjung, CEO of Graphite Materials GmbH

"We want to excel in everything we do" more

Interview with Jan Schmidt-Krayer, CEO of Schmidt + Clemens Group

"Our name and reputation is also a huge obligation" more

Interview with Horst Linn sen., President of Linn High Therm GmbH

"Practical experience is very important from the beginning" more

Interview with Erik Míček, Managing Director of LOI Thermprocess GmbH

"Energy efficiency is the key to the energy issue of the future" more

Interview with Hermann Stumpp, CTO of Tenova Iron & Steel Group

"Global presence is a must for the company" more

Interview with Paweł Wyrzykowski, President of the Managing Board at Seco/Warwick Group

"Energy efficiency is the biggest potential in Europe" more

Interview with Andreas Seitzer, Managing Director of SMS Elotherm GmbH

"A successful company must be able to react and adapt" more

Interview with Peter Schobesberger, CEO of Aichelin Holding GmbH

"Energy efficiency is on the agenda" more

Interview with Peter Lankes, CEO of Ipsen International GmbH

“The challenge is to offer technological innovations on the global market“ more