Selected Reports

Special: Heat Treatment Congress 2017

From 25–27 October 2017, Cologne will be hosting Europe's largest heat treatment conference: The 73rd Heat Treatment Congress (HK) consists of a trade fair and a presentation event, combining... more

Report: Thermal processing plants in the smart factory

The smart factory changes the basis of production. The classical production hierarchy will be dissolved and replaced by self-organizing decentralized cyber-physical production systems. The... more

Report: High velocity burners with finned recuperator for highest efficiency

In the field of process heat utilization, various measures are available for increasing energy efficiency. According to the technological process, a large part of the process heat is... more

Report: Heat treatment plants for structural components in the automotive industry

Due to the increasing complexity and daily-extended range of structural components for the automotive industry, their heat treatment is subject to continuous change. The application of new... more

ITPS 2017 – where the thermo process industry meets

Preparations in the thermo process industry are all directed to June when the International Thermprocess Summit (ITPS) takes place in Düsseldorf for the second time. The latest issue of heat... more

Technology in Practice: Reduction in workpiece distortion in the inductive heat treatment of camshafts

Crankshafts in internal combustion engines control the sequencing of movements of the inlet and outlet valves. They are composed of an extremely varied arrangement of cams and bearing... more

Report: Use of thermochemical data in inductive melting

Minimizing the energy consumed during inductive melting of metal alloys is an ongoing concern for plant constructors and operators. Surprisingly enough, little thought is given to the... more

Report: Internet of Things – brave new world of thermoprocessing

Under the verbal umbrella of “Industry 4.0” more and more, sometimes even a bit confusing information can be found. This abstract was given as a presentation on ITPS Americas in August 2016... more


Read all about the upcoming ALUMINIUM 2016 in the heat processing special. more

Special: Heat Treatment Congress 2016

From 26–28 October 2016, Cologne will be hosting Europe's largest heat treatment conference: The 72nd Heat Treatment Congress (HK) consists of a trade fair and a presentation event, combining... more

Special: Heat Treatment Congress 2016

From 26–28 October 2016, Cologne will be hosting Europe's largest heat treatment conference: The 72nd Heat Treatment Congress (HK) consists of a trade fair and a presentation event, combining... more

Report: Technical and operational measures to increase energy efficiency of industrial furnaces

The measures, which are traditionally taken for energy saving, aim at the selection of the most adequate heating system. Due to the burner manufacturers’ endeavours to further increase the... more

Report: Production-integrated vacuum heat treatment systems in the automotive industry

To secure the required properties of highly stressed parts from the automotive industry these parts need to be heat treated, in many cases case hardened. This is traditionally performed in... more

Report: Cost effective heat treatment for automotive components made of aluminium

The heat treatment of automotive components, made of aluminium alloys, has become a main focus point over the past years within the automotive industry. Increased strength and overall... more

Special: ITPS Americas

The International Thermprocess Summit – Americas (ITPS Americas) takes place from 10-12 August 2016 at the Loews Chicago Hotel in Chicago, United States. This special deals with general... more

Technology in Practice: Innovative technologies and processes in bright steel production

After investing approx. € 4.5 mio. in an additional, innovative bright steel production facility at their location in Hagen, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke is setting new standards in regard to... more

Report: The impact of the Internet of Things on industrial ovens and furnaces

The industrial furnace of tomorrow is a smarter machine – safer, better connected, more flexible, and more efficient – to quickly respond to new demands. Two trends that are creating a lot... more

Report: Energy saving in walking beam furnaces by a new concept for skid pipe insulation

Increasing energy costs and targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions provide a constant challenge for all high temperature process users to optimise their processes. New technical solutions... more

Industry Survey: Building the digital enterprise

Industrial leaders are digitising essential functions within their internal vertical operations processes, as well as with their horizontal partners along the value chain. In addition, they... more

wire & Tube, 4 to 8 April 2016 in Düsseldorf

Special: wire & Tube 2016

Read all about the world’s leading trade fairs wire – the International Wire and Cable Fair – and Tube – the International Tube Fair. They will be held simultaneously from 4 to 8 April 2016... more

On-site visualization

Report: Model-based control and optimization of continuous strip annealing furnaces

The so-called Andritz Advanced Furnace Control concept is used to control a combined direct- and indirect-fired strip annealing furnace of voestalpine Stahl GmbH, Linz, Austria. The backbone... more

Vulkan Verlag launches media portfolio

Media for the industrial thermoprocessing technology at its best more

Report: Revamping of reheating furnaces

Revamping of the furnaces is in many cases the best choice for increasing the production profitability in accordance with criteria of sustainability. A considerable number of reheating... more

Bell-type annealing furnace with automated crane

Report: Modernization of existing industrial furnace plants

To date, the main priority for manufacturers of heat treatment plants has been to sell new plants. However, the modernization of an existing plant may often be considerably less expensive... more

Characteristics of wage inductive hardening shops

Report: Total cost of ownership – consideration in wage hardening shops

In the field of wage hardening, the inductive hardening of workpieces represents a special heat treatment process. In addition to classic production as a service provider for heat treatment,... more

Cross section of a data logger system

Report: Core temperature measurement in slab reheat

The article describes the correct use of data loggers for profiling slab reheat processes. It examines the necessary thermal protection measures and ways to avoid measurement errors. Costs... more

Report: Enhancing the efficiency of induction heating plants through Silicon Carbide MOSFETs

Frequency converters are power electronic devices or systems that convert electric energy with given parameters (voltage, frequency, number of phases) into electric energy with different... more

Foundry industry 2020: trends and challenges

The global casting industry will face major challenges during the next years: Important customer groups build up new capacities mainly in Asia or (Northern) America. Requirements regarding... more

Report: Heat treatment of gear parts – possibilities of time and cost savings

Atmospheric furnaces are “state of the art” for case hardening of transmission gear parts for the automotive industry, because many customers appreciate their advantages, like high... more

THERMPROCESS Special – all information about the mega event of the industry

Only a few more days until the “Bright World of Metals” opens its doors to visitors in Düsseldorf, Germany! GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS, NEWCAST – the world’s lead fairs in metallurgy and... more

Report: Vacuum furnace hot zone upgrade and improvement

The Schunk Carbon Technology division is the first major supplier of materials for the vacuum heat treat industry to offer complete overhaul and up-grade of vacuum furnace hot zones. Using... more

Report: Melting of large steel casting parts in the induction furnace

The voestalpine Group operates in their steel segment a foundry for the manufacture of heavy cast steel with a melt requirement from 1 to 200 t per casting. The melt required in the foundry... more

42 MW induction furnace for melting ferroalloys

Report: Inductive melting in steelworks

After the development of induction technology with inverter outputs of over 40 MW for crucible furnaces with capacities of more than 65 t, the induction furnace offers itself as an... more

Process chain for forging

Report: Simulation of primary heating stage in resource efficient forging chain

In common forging processes for complicated high duty parts, an excess on material (flash) is technically needed which results in a material utilization between 60 and 80 %. Together with the... more

Real-time simulation

Statement: Industry 4.0 – Automation technology through the ages

Hubertus Schauerte, SMS Siemag AG, describes his assessment of the future of automation technology regarding Industry 4.0 and the consequences and challenges for the systems engineering... more

EM levitation of molten sample

Report: A new approach for coupled simulation of liquid metal flow

Induction furnaces that ensure contact less control of electromagnetic (EM) stirring, molten metal free surface and temperature are widely applied in metallurgical industry. Requirements for... more

Continuous annealing furnaces

Report: Furnace technology from the rolling mill designer and builder

In the steel and aluminium industries, it was standard practice for many years for investors to split orders for new rolling mills or strip processing lines into three different packages,... more