Handbook of Refractory Materials

Design | Properties | Testings

Handbook of Refractory Materials Cover
  • Published: 30.08.2012
  • Editor: Gerald Routschka/Hartmut Wuthnow
  • Publisher: Vulkan Verlag
  • Pages: 344
  • ISBN: 978-3-8027-3162-4
  • Edition: 4
  • Book: 100,00 €
  • eBook: 100,00 €


The 4th edition of the handbook Refractory Materials hasbeen completely revised and expanded. It also appears in a new format(A5) with pictures (four colors) and e-book (disc). The reader obtainsan extensive and detailed overview focusing on design, properties,calculations, terminology and testing of refractory materials thusproviding important information for daily work. In the new edition ofthis standard work several chapters were revised with the assistance ofnew authors. The appendix was supplemented by following suggestionsgiven by readers. The lists of standards and important literature wereupdated. Consequently, the & usability & of this handbook wasenhanced further.


With the great amount of information this compact handbook is anecessity for any professional working in the refractory material orthermal process sectors. The e-book (disc) enables more flexibilitywhen in the office or while travelling. The disc contains moreinformation than provided in the book in form of publications focusingon refractory materials.




  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Manufacture of Refractory Materials
  • 3. Raw Materials, Binders, Special Additives
  • 4. Dense Shaped Refractory Products
  • 5. Unshaped Refractory Products (Monolithics)
  • 6. Functional Refractory Products
  • 7. Heat-Insulation Materials
  • 8. Refractory Metallic Materials (NEW)
  • 9. Criteria for the Selection of Refractory Materials, ProductTesting, Inspection Methods, and Quality Assurance
  • 10. Safe Working Environment and Environmental Protection
  • 11. Books, Papers (Special Issues), Literature, Surveys, Journals,Data Banks, Appendix

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