Inductive Melting and Holding

Fundamentals - Plants and Furnaces - Process Engineering

Inductive Melting and Holding Cover
  • Published: 30.09.2013
  • Author: Erwin Dötsch
  • Publisher: Vulkan-Verlag
  • Pages: 322
  • ISBN: 978-3-8027-2386-5
  • Edition: 2
  • Book: 75,00 €
  • eBook: 75,00 €


The book presents the current state-of-the-art of inductive melting
technology as it is deployed in manufacturing and processing metal.
Nowaday the energy efficiency of process heating plants is the new
challenge for industrial furnaces. The work focuses mainly on the
metallurgical processes involved in melting, holding and pouring using
induction systems. The fundamentals of inductive powe transmission and
the design of induction plants are described to the extent necessary to
understand the production process. Color images illustrate the

The book provides support not only for the specialists, but also for
students in reseach, development and practical applications.


Introduction; Fundamentals; Inductive Power Transmission; Induction
Furnace Structural Shapes; Induction Crucible Furnace; Induction
Channel Furnace; Components of a Crucible Furnace Plant; Furnace Body,
Power Supply, Peripherals, Overall Layout; Components of Channel
Furnaces; Furnace Vessel, Inductors, Power Supply. Cooling Devices;
Electromagnetic Stirrers and Pumps; Furnace Design and Energy
Requirements; Melting Metallurgy of Iron and Non-iron Materials; Cast,
Cast Shell, Aluminium, Copper Materials; Operation of Induction Plants
in Iron Foundries; Melting in Induction Crucible Furnaces; Duplication,
Holding and Combined Holding/Melting in the crucible furnaces; Holding
in the Channel Furnaces; Pouring with Pressure-Actuated Pouring
Furnaces; Continuous Supply of Molten Iron; Melting Cast Steel in
Induction Crucible Furnaces; Induction Crucible Furnaces in Mini Steel
Works; Induction Systems in the Aluminium Industry. Induction Systems
for Copper Materials; Induction Plant for Melting Zinc.

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