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heat processing magazine has been the official publication of the European Committee of Industrial Furnace and Heating Equipment Association (CECOF) since 2007.

The European Committee of Industrial Furnace and Heating Equipment Associations (founded in 1972) is the respected voice and lobby organisation of the thermo processing industry in Europe. It incorporates about all relevant European manufacturers of this kind of equipment.

CECOF represents the industry's interest vis-à-vis national and European institutions, sets and harmonises national rules, regulations and standards and elaborates technical guidelines. Attractive platforms are provided by organising events and supporting exhibition activities.

Member Countries:

• Austria (FMMI)

• Belgium (AGORIA)

• France (CISMA)

• Germany (VDMA, Thermo Process Technology Association)

• Great Britain (BIFCA)

• Italy (CICOF)

• Poland (individual member)

• Romania (individual member)

• Sweden (SHTE) • Switzerland (individual members)

• Turkey (individual member)

Associate Members:


• Japan (JIFMA)

Economic Spotlights:

Exports from CECOF countries are amounting to 51% (which corresponds to approx. 4.5 bn € out
of 8.8 bn €) of total world exports in the field of industrial furnaces and burners. CECOF countries are mainly exporting within the European Union (33%), while Asia is the second largest sales market for thermo processing equipment with a share of 26%. CECOF exports to the United States amount to 6%.

In 2013, the ten CECOF member states produced industrial furnaces, burners and firing equipment with a value of 7 bn €. The biggest producer is Germany with 32% of the total EU28 production value, followed by Italy (23%), UK (8%) and Austria (8%).


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Official Publication


heat processing magazine is the official publication of VDMA Metallurgy since 2015. VDMA Metallurgy is the joint platform for the metallurgical equipment suppliying industries within VDMA comprising Thermo Process Technology, Foundry Machinery and Metallurgical Plants and Rolling Mills.

Thermo Process Technology, Foundry Machinery and Metallurgical Plants and Rolling Mills within VDMA constitute a common platform for metallurgical equipment suppliers. The three associations include among their members the leading plant and component manufacturers in the sector, employing 23,000 people in the German-speaking countries. Strong networks offer services to members as well as representing their interests, provide business oriented information and targeted communication. This includes commitment to national and international standardisation work as well as support for technical working parties, the provision of sector-specific market information, the organisation of symposia and support for companies attending key industrial trade fairs.



Official Publication


Since 2016 heat processing is also the official publication of CEMAFON – the European Foundry Equipment Suppliers Association. 

CEMAFON is the respected voice and lobby organisation of the European manufacturers of foundry machinery, plants and products for the foundry industry. The association represents the economic and technical interests of its members worldwide, provides information and creates a platform for the exchange of opinions on a European level. CEMAFON has been actively dealing with the harmonization of national rules, regulations and standards in Europe concerning the safety of foundry machinery and equipment and cooperates with a number of key European and international trade fairs of importance to the manufacturers and customers of the foundry machinery industry.

The members of CEMAFON are national European associations as well as individual member companies and thus all the major manufacturers of foundry machinery and plant, furnaces and products for the European foundry industry. More than a quarter of the total world exports of foundry machinery are originating from CEMAFON member countries.



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Partner association of heat processing is also EUnited Metallurgy. EUnited Metallurgy is the European association of the metallurgical plant and equipment industry.

It is part of EUnited (the Brussels-based European Engineering Industries Association) and represents the European suppliers of metallurgical plants and equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous industries. EUnited Metallurgy collaborates closely with its member companies offering them various services within a global network.

The association promotes European metallurgical engineering vis-à-vis European institutions, customers industries and the interested public, organizes debates and policy reviews with stakeholders on relevant technical, research and business issues and provides working platforms on technical standardization, IPR issues and foreign markets.

The members of EUnited Metallurgy are technology leaders providing highest innovative quality and process know-how to global markets. Forming the backbone of European economic activities they produce and export manufacturing plants and services, equipment and components along the whole supply chain of ferrous and non-ferrous industries.