hp recommends: Handbook of Thermoprocessing Technologies, Vol. I

The Handbook of Thermoprocessing Technologies provides a detailed overview of the entire thermoprocessing sector, structured on practical criteria, and is of particular assistance to students of all relevant disciplines and to engineers in this field. It´s also of particular assistance to manufacturers and users of thermoprocessing equipment. The first volume examines the basic principles, procedures and processes involved in thermoprocessing technology.

In Europe thermoprocessing is the third largest energy consumption sector with a very diversified and complex struc­ture. Accordingly we find the application know-how for the design and the execution of respective equipment represented by a multitude of small but very specialized companies and their experts. So this second edition is based on the contri­bution of many highly experienced engineers working in this field. The book’s main intention is the presentation of practical thermal processing for the improvement of materials and parts in industrial application. Additionally it offers a summary of respective thermal and material science fundamentals. Further it covers the basic fuel-related and electrical engineering knowledge and design aspects, components and safety requi­rements for the necessary heating installations.

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