Successful 20th edition of Seco/Warwick Training Seminar

High level of knowledge and unique value of networking, this is how in brief one can describe the jubilee meeting of more than 140 professionals from the world of science and business at Seco/Warwick Training Seminar. The very first event (1997) was held under the title of Heat Treatment and after 20 years it transformed into a well-known Seminar of New Trends in Heat Treatment. Within these two decades, 2,000 participants listened to more than 320 lectures on which they spent nearly 400 hours.

On the occasion of the round anniversary, Seco/Warwick invited seminar participants to a unique Open/Day – giving the exclusive opportunity to have a look behind the scenes of the company and see how technologies of Seco/Warwick provide a new level of quality for the heat treated components.

Considerable attention was caught to a type ATE technological line, consisting of a PTE muffle belt furnace designed primarily for carbonitriding, washing and annealing of fasteners, the modern metallographic laboratory Seco/Lab, which was opened last year, and Seco/Lens application, which utilizes the high-end Microsoft holographic technology – HoloLens, and introduces heavy industry into the world of augmented reality.

This part of the event, i. e. Open/Day, took place in the heart of the company. Why in the heart? Because right here, at the production hall, you can feel the strongest heartbeats – explained Katarzyna Sawka, Marketing Director of Seco/Warwick Group

The seminar programme consisted of two-day lectures and a number of panel discussions focused on the Industry 4.0 concept and the new qualitative challenges of current technological progress. There was no shortage of tips and guidance on the most effective methods of using the latest technology to optimize production processes. 14 sessions on new qualitative challenges, effective production processes, market development and state-of-the-art technologies were led by well-known industry experts, representatives of Wroclaw University of Technology, Lodz, Warsaw and representatives of the business world.

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