Trimet mourns for Heinz-Peter Schlüter

Heinz-Peter Schlüter, the founder and owner of Trimet Aluminium SE passed away at the age of 66 on 29 November 2015 following a serious illness. This loss fills the Trimet company with deep sorrow.

Heinz-Peter Schlüter founded Trimet and led it to continuous growth. In the process, he shaped it into the type of company that can rarely be found today.

He founded Trimet in 1985 as a metals trading company with a staff of three. In the 1990s, the company entered the aluminium production sector by taking over the aluminium smelter in Essen and the recycling plant in Gelsenkirchen. Through further acquisitions, Schlüter was able to keep production facilities open and secure local jobs while proving a sustainable future for aluminium production and processing in Europe.

Today, Trimet Aluminium SE operates eight locations in Germany and France, including four aluminium smelters, two recycling plants and a number of foundries. With nearly 3,000 employees, the materials specialist has become a leading European aluminium producer.

Schlüter always combined entrepreneurial activity with social commitment. Only afew weeks ago, he launched a training initiative. Over the coming years, it will ensure apprenticeships for 66 refugees at Trimet and also prepare them for life in Germany with language courses and other support measures.

Before withdrawing from the operational management of his company, Schlüter took measures very early on to maintain the long-term survival of the firm, ensuring that its character as an independent, family-owned enterprise would be retained. Despite its sorrow, the executive management is therefore convinced that Trimet’s special spirit, shaped and fostered by its founder, Heinz-Peter Schlüter, will continue to shape and guide the company in the future.

Family, Management and Supervisory Boards will continue to run Trimet in line with his values.

(Source: Trimet Aluminium SE)

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