Henry M. Rowan, founder of Inductotherm Group, passed away

The Inductotherm Group announces with deepest regret and a heavy heart that the group's founder Mr. Rowan, or “Hank” as he was affectionately known in the industry, passed away peacefully at age 92. His contribution to his employees, customers, the local and global community, and the foundry industry at large will carry on for generations to come.

Mr. Rowan’s dedication has greatly influenced others, and his personal challenge to make a difference has been highly successful. Mr. Rowan’s ambitious and innovative developments established less expensive and more efficient methods of melting metal. His achievements have made the foundry industry safer, more productive and more technologically advanced. For these reasons, he was inducted into the 2003 Foundry Hall of Honor.

Mr. Rowan accomplished many things in his life. He has raced a sailboat in the Olympic Trials, graduated from MIT, and piloted a Lear jet. But most important, his innovation, humanitarianism, and courage have served as the catalysts that transformed many aspects of our everyday lives. Mr. Rowan’s passion for education and engineering has led the Henry M. Rowan Family Foundation to support many causes, including the Foundry Educational Foundation (FEF).

His contributions continue to promote change. His employees, both past and present, are proud to have known him and they continue to carry on the core values he has instilled in each of them. Mr. Rowan once stated “I want to leave Inductotherm in a position to continue and to grow. The most excitement I’ve had is to take a little company and help them grow into a leading world company.” The company looks forward to being a company that Mr. Rowan will be proud of for many years to come by carrying on his legacy and supporting the foundry industry.

(Source: Inductotherm Group)

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