Wolfgang Eder reelected as worldsteel Chairman

Wolfgang Eder, Chairman of the Management Board of voestalpine AG, remains Chairman of the World Steel Association (worldsteel) for another year until October 2016. This was recently announced in Chicago during the annual conference of worldsteel, which has around 170 association members, representing 85 % of global steel production. This is the first time that an incumbent chairman of the organization is reelected.

One year ago, Wolfgang Eder (63) took over the office of Chairman of the World Steel Association – the first Austrian to do so. Now he has been nominated for another term; the formal appointment was made at the Board meeting. “Naturally, we are delighted. This is also a distinction for our company and a mandate to consistently continue the successful collaboration of worldsteel members within the association in a challenging time,” states Wolfgang Eder. “In the last 15 years, voestalpine has developed from being a “classic” steel company to one of the global technology and innovation leaders in the processing of high-quality steel as well as other materials. Being oriented toward quality products instead of mass production is increasingly important for the industry, especially in the more mature economies,” says Eder.

According to the association’s rules, as Incoming Vice Chairman in 2014, Vice Chairman André Gerdau Johannpeter, CEO of the Brazilian steel manufacturer Gerdau S.A., had been designated to succeed Eder. He requested to be released from taking over the office, as he would like to concentrate fully on the challenges of the Brazilian market, which is so important for his company. John Ferriola, CEO of the Nucor Corporation, USA, was appointed as the new Vice Chairman.

Major challenges for the steel industry

In his function as Chairman of the World Steel Association, Wolfgang Eder will continue to concentrate on three main issues: the challenges of the steel industry within the scope of global climate protection efforts, the long-term image transformation of the industry, and the assessment of the life cycle of steel as a convincing, positive criterion that separates it from all other materials.

„While European steel manufacturers have largely exhausted all current technical possibilities with regard to environmental protection, China, for example, has just recently announced steps to reduce CO2 in its production. We see worldsteel in an active, supporting role through a sharing of expertise and technological cooperation in the area of energy and climate policy.“

“We also want to give the public a better understanding of the entire life cycle of steel – from development and raw materials to the finished product, and finally to its recycling. Steel has absolutely unique characteristics, particularly with regard to its unlimited recyclability, but also in the area of energy use,” Eder explains.

(Source: voestalpine AG)

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