Energy collector to capture radiant heat

The energy collector E-CO, a SMS group development, is the first system of its kind in the world. The application of the energy collector, which is designed to capture radiant heat, requires that the system is directly exposed to a hot material of more than 600 °C.

For example on the roller table of a continuous slab caster, the hot slabs are transferred to a position covered by a heat exchanger. There they rest until the next hot slab arrives. The onward movement of a slab in order to give way to the next red-hot slab is triggered by automated roller table controls. Thus, the next arriving slab will automatically stop under the heat exchanger.

The slabs radiate between 30 and 45 kW of energy per m2, depending on their surface temperatures. The heat exchangers absorb the radiant heat and convert it into steam.

(Source: SMS group)

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