Dosing furnace consumes less energy

The dosing furnace Westomat Plus+ was awarded the “Good Design Award” of the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. In everyday foundry work, the new system not only has a smaller footprint – it also consumes less energy. The manufacturer StrikoWestofen, Gummersbach, Germany, designed the Westomat Plus+ to combine functionality with an attractive outer appearance.

“We want to help foundries to create production facilities which meet today’s employee and customer demands with regard to working environment, quality and sustainability. The new Westomat Plus+ is one more step in the direction of our ‘Green Foundry’ initiative”, StrikoWestofen manager Rudi Riedel explains.

The dosing furnace recently won the renowned “Good Design Award” of the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design – putting it in line with lifestyle products such as Apple’s “iPhone”. The Westomat Plus+ consumes only one third of the energy required by conventional ladle systems. At 0.06 %, its metal loss has also been reduced dramatically.

That the Westomat Plus+ can do more than just look good is also proved by a look inside. Every technical detail of the dosing furnace was tested. Now its more compact design gives it a smaller footprint in the production facility, while the optimized insulation distinctly minimizes the heat radiated. A new pneumatic unit makes the dosing furnace especially reliable and easy to maintain.

In place of the usual heating rods, StrikoWestofen relies on overhead heating. This is easy to replace and ensures a service life which is up to three times longer than before. Additional time savings are allowed by the ease of charging using an enlarged funnel as well as the rapid installation and setting up of the system: the Westomat Plus+ is delivered with the base frame already installed. It is optionally available in a fully encased version, thus reducing pinch points and increasing safety around the furnace. Also, the installation of a lift/tilt cylinder ensures that the frame can be tilted in any desired position. Cleaning and emptying are possible at all times.

(Source: StrikoWestofen Group)

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