Nano furnace for low-pressure carburizing

Today, customers need to be provided with a fully integrated heat treatment solution and with the same level of flexibility and modularity as the machining. That means to adapt the treating capacity to a wide number of product references, to shorten the process time and to produce on demand with reduced delays. ECM Technologies decided to enlarge its ICBP product range (one-chamber ICBP Mono, double-chamber ICBP Duo, multi chambers ICBP Flex and ICBP Jumbo) by developing a machinery-line solution to meet customers’ needs: the ICBP Nano.

ICBP Nano offers all the advantages of the other machines: the same Infracarb process is used for carburizing and the cooling of the parts is made in a real quenching-cell under 1–10 (20 bars optional) bars nitrogen or helium. The lots’ size has been highly reduced and thanks to a multi-cells and a multi-levels concept, the required floor space has been drastically reduced. This allows the ICBP Nano to be easily integrated in the production line.

In its standard outline, the ICBP Nano is composed by a module of three independent stacked-up heating cells, one quenching cell serving also as an entrance and exit lock, and of one chamber of vacuum transfer.

Each heating-cell is independent, allowing the treatment of the parts in different conditions (temperature, rates etc.) at the same time in each cell.

Thanks to this concept, using smaller loads dispatched over independent multi-cells and displayed on several levels, this equipment allows more control and flexibility of the process. As a result, the ICBP Nano provides a perfect homogeneity and control of the heating, of the heat treatment and of the quench. In addition to this, it is possible to have a traceability of each load with the highest productivity.

(Source: ECM Technologies)

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