Protective gas chamber furnace for heat treatment

Linn High Therm, leading manufacturer of industrial and lab furnaces since 1969, presents a protective gas chamber furnace with gastight muffle for heat treatment processes under protective gas atmosphere up to 1.050 °C.

The useful chamber has a volume from 60 to 480 l and can be modified according to customer specification. For soldering and annealing processes of workpieces, scalingfree treatment of sensitive steel qualities, debinding and sintering processes, oxidation or reduction of surfaces and many more applications, under controlled atmosphere. A huge selection of options enables universal application: Inconel muffle for a maximum operating temperature up to 1.150 °C, 3-zone-control, gas feeding, burning-off device and flame supervision, safety package, gas ventilation, fast cooling, gas quenching with heat exchanger and vacuum up to 800 °C.

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