Gas heater with multiple annular gaps

Increased market demand for higher process temperatures has led Kanthal/Sandvik to develop the Kanthal Flow Heater. This patented concept is based on a heat exchanger with multiple annular gaps, allowing gas temperatures up to 1,200 °C even in very small spaces.

Power densities of 20 MW/m3 can be achieved. The technology can be used under atmospheric as well as under high pressure conditions, where the power density under high pressure is increased again. The concept allows for electrical control with 400V without the use of transformers, temperature control with an accuracy of ±1 K can be realized with standard thyristors and simple control technology.

Another big advantage is the possible variation of the flow rate, up to a factor of 1/30 with a constant outlet temperature. The heating of the gas is carried out in a single stage process, i.e. it is going from room temperature directly to the process temperature. The heater can be operated with all gases where Kanthal metallic elements are in use today. Typical applications include process heating, test benches, pre-heating of forging dies and generally all pre-heating processes. Customized solutions can easily be found due to the modular design.  

(Source: Sandvik Wire & Heating Technology)

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