Hardening centre for crankshafts

The Maschinenfabrik Alfing Kessler GmbH developed its hardening machine BAZ KW 600 further and presents the new hardening centre BAZ-2. The hardening machine is able to harden crankshafts of any cylinder number. The system is available as 1-module-option for cycle times of more than 60 seconds and as a 2-module-option for cycle times of less than 60 seconds.

The BAZ-2 hardening centre is designed on the principle of machining centres and is fully encapsulated. The full encapsulation of the working areas permits complete extraction of quenching fumes. Emphasis was also placed on good energy efficiency, a high throughput, low operating costs and ease of operation.

Optionally, hardening of flanges, journals and gear wheels can be integrated. Efficient drive systems and assemblies as well as optimized inductors guarantee low energy consumption. Minimum space requirement, full accessibility on one level and a standard height of only 2.4 m are features of this type of hardening machine. Preceding and subsequent processes can easily be integrated. Connection to portal systems can be performed in the same way as for existing technologies for machining centres.

(Source: Maschinenfabrik Alfing Kessler GmbH)

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