Calorimetric flow meters with fast response time

ifm electronic's new calorimetric flow meters for liquids and gases are optimised for water, oils, glycol and air. The devices feature a fast response time and integrated temperature measurement.

In the absolute mode the internal pipe diameter can be set from DN15 ... DN400. Moreover, the flow meters come with a red/green colour selection for process values and optimised alignment thanks to the rotatability of the process connection.

The SA type flow meter operates on the calorimetric measuring principle. Two measuring elements as well as a heat source are located on the measuring tip. The physical effect that a flowing medium absorbs heat energy and conducts it away is used. The resulting temperature change is an indication of flow.

The new SA type sensor has been designed to detect and measure flow and temperature even in large internal pipe diameters up to 400 mm. Therefore it can be used in a multitude of applications. Switching outputs, analogue signals and IO-Link provide various options to further process the signals. That means that the user is best-equipped for Industry 4.0.

(Source: ifm electronic gmbh)

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