In-line production or individual plant design

ALD’s latest development of improved and innovative hightech heat treatment equipment is the new SyncroTherm system. This furnace has been designed for the serial production of mass parts in the manufacturing-flow. The area of application was extended by the flexibility of this new heat treatment system.

Besides the direct integration in a fully automatic production line the system also finds its application in a stand-alone-solution in a small serial production as well as a carburization system with subsequent heat treatment facilities. Exemplarily the company suggests the combination of the SyncroTherm system with a hardening press.

Originally used with atmospheric rotary hearth or pusher furnaces, ALD was able to enter this market segment with the introduction of SyncroTherm’s advantages:

■ trouble-free system extension with increasing production,

■ on-demand technology, i.e. if required the furnace capacity can be increased any time,

■ system shutdown during non-production time (rampup time <1 h),

■ space-saving alternative,

■ substantially less components attached,

■ in case of system error less components are affected.

Till today several SyncroTherm heat treatment systems have been integrated in various production lines. Likewise the broad material spectrum of hardening steels, from tempered steels to high speed steels, might easily be handled. Particularly in regard to the component distortion excellent results can be achieved.

Source: ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH

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