New interface for thyristor power controller series

EtherCAT protocol is now available for the JUMO power controller series. The real-time fieldbus protocol enables the user access to all process data of the power controller. In addition, the configuration can be set using the TwinCAT software. An additional configuration through a setup software is no longer necessary. This considerably simplifies device startup.

The power controller series is available in currents from 20–250 A for single-phase and three-phase applications. The new interface allows more data to be made available in a shorter time. This also enables the constant transfer of process data such as load current, load voltage, and impedance. However, data concerning energy consumption and diagnosis functions such as mains voltage fluctuations, partial load failure, and excess temperature are also evaluated.

The real-time capability of the interface enables several power controllers to be synchronized in combination with an automation system as well as the implementation of a load current management. The system determines the overall output of the process and regulates the individual output of the power controllers to prevent the exceedance of the predefined current limits. This avoids energy peaks and reduces power costs.

A further advantage is the “Teach-in” function, which allows the alarm limit values for the detection of partial load failures to be set automatically. The cyclical calibration ensures permanent and precise detection of partial load failure even if the specifications of the heating element are changed.

(Source: JUMO GmbH & Co. KG)

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