Modular-universal heat treatment centres

The basic idea of a single heat treatment machinery suitable to manage different workpiece shapes and dimensions may be the ideal requirement for any heat treatment job shop. In addition to that, the possibility to make the machine smarter by adding supplementary accessories and units or by increasing any working capacity, just makes the idea very interesting for any future applications. This might be exactly the choice of various companies, not only job shops, but even more well-known multinational companies who have already placed this kind of machineries inside their production depts.

Choosing induction heating, the investment is focusing exactly on the workpiece’s surface we is called to improve in terms of hardness or metal structure, mechanical features and soon. This means also, sometimes, a lack of flexibility as the equipment is too much dedicated to a specific range of workpieces. In consequence, additional machineries would be necessary in order to face everyday’s challenges.

Tecno Induzione, a manufacturer of automatic induction-hardening machineries, has been able to put together quality, productivity, high flexibility, multi-functionality, price competitiveness, and environmental friendly features by creating a very interesting “modular-universal” heat treatment centre.

Such heat-treatment equipment is basically composed of a MF/HF generator (30 to 1500 kW in power featuring self-adapting frequency up to 300 kHz) combined with a set of modular support-basements in which one, two, three or more work stations are fitted. On the back of the modular basement, a movable column supports the heating unit, which is moving along the three CNC-axis.

(Source: Tecno Induzione SRL)

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