Compact two-colour pyrometer with integrated display and keyboard

The two-colour pyrometer series CellaTemp PK from Keller MSR Infrared Thermometer Solutions, has a compact housing design. In addition to the measured temperature, the device displays warnings and error reports. Configuration options and functions can be keyed in on the device itself.

The new two-colour pyrometer of the CellaTemp PK series can be supplied without (CellaTemp PK 68) or with (CellaTemp PKL 68) an integrated LED spot light. The special feature of the patented spot light is that it shows both the exact position and the true size of the measuring point in the focus distance. Low-cost pyrometers with laser sighting are affected by parallax, i.e. the laser and the target area are not on the same axis but they are displaced in parallel. With simple instruments, the laser spot is merely an approximate orientation guide and it does not show the true size of the measuring point.

Very useful for the instrument setup is the service function. A temperature value can be simulated to check a correct operation and scaling of the pyrometer and the configuration of downstream devices connected via analogue output or switching output without needing a hot target object. In service mode, the signal intensity is displayed and the device is adjusted to the maximum value to check the ideal adjustment of the pyrometer to a hot target.

All types of the CellaTemp PK series can be used without cooling up to a temperature of 65 °C. The spot light version is available for a focal distance of 210 mm and 1,000 mm. The version without a spot light uses a focal distance of 1,500 mm. The measurement range extends from 550 °C (600 °C for the spot light version) to 1,600 °C.

In addition to its analogue output, the CellaTemp PK(L) 68 has two switching outputs that provide a wide variety of configurations and combinations. For example, in an inductive billet heating process, the pyrometer offers the option to directly discard too cold and too hot billets separately from each other. The pyrometer can be connected with a standardised cable with M12 plug.

The pyrometer series is complemented by a very extensive range of accessories, such as holding device, axial air nozzle, cooling jacket, protective glass, insulating flange, dust stop, ball flange and various mounting assemblies to allow for safe operation in the wide range of applications.

(Source: Keller HCW GmbH, Division MSR)

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