Spectrometers for high-performance metal analysis

Spectro Analytical Instruments recently introduced two new Spectrolab Arc/Spark optical emission spectrometers for high-performance metal analysis. The new metal analyzers deliver high speed of measurement, low limits of detection, ultimate elemental flexibility, stability, and affordable cost of ownership to set new standards for elemental analysis in metals industry research and development (R&D) and process/quality control.

Spectrolab metal analyzer

The new hybrid Spectrolab metal analyzer combines analog photomultiplier tube (PMT) detectors with digital charge coupled device (CCD) technology for ultra-accurate simultaneous measurements in R&D, trace metal measurement, and precious metals analysis.  

The new breakthrough all-CCD technology SPECTROLAB spectrometer for metal analysis provides outstanding speed, accuracy, and flexibility for process control and QC of fabricated and finished goods.  

Features of both new high-performance metal analyzers include:

  • Spectacular stability. Unlike conventional models, Spectrolab’s sealed, no-purge optical system maximizes light transmission stability, even in the far UV; its software utilizes sophisticated online drift correction measures; and its optimum correlation between analytical and reference lines provides the most stable measurement approach possible.
  • Ultralow limits of detection with improved background correction. Depending on application and analytes, the device can easily ascertain trace values in single parts per million (ppm).
  • Ultrahigh speed of measurement. The coupling of a high-energy plasma generator with the company’s unique dynamic pre-burn process delivers a lightning fast setup, accelerated sample throughput, and extremely low time to measurement in many applications.
  • Ultimate elemental flexibility, in most cases eliminating hardware reconfigurations. An optional software-extendable configuration enables changes to the elemental setup without requiring calibration.
  • Affordable cost of ownership. iCAL logic saves not only time but also cost for standardization samples. UV-PLUS purification eliminates expensive argon purging or vacuum pumps. Component relocations, advanced diagnostics, and other improvements ease maintenance and prevent downtime.
  • Ease of use with a new user interface and new application profiles that are tailored to predetermined user requirements.   

Both new high-performance OES spectrometers for metal analysis are immediately available.

(Source: Spectro Analytical Instruments)

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