Modular design for a wide range of applications

The MIND M by eldec (EMAG Holding GmbH) is available in two versions: the MIND M 250 and the MIND M 1000, which differ in its inductor travels in Z-direction and allow for shaft components of maximum 1,000 mm length (MIND M 1000) and chucked components of maximum 350 mm diameter to be machined.

Each machine consists of 3 separate modules: The energy container that includes the generator, the machine control and the control for the recooling plant. The cooling system for the energy and quenchant circuits and the processing cell that contains the complete mechanical system.  Workpiece and production environment are the two vital factors that determine how the various modules are configured. The available generator capacities are maximum 30 kW HF and maximum 100 kW MF, with the corresponding coolant power being maximum 20 kW (AM) and maximum 30 kW (energy).However, the module with the most options is the process cell, which is designed to allow optimal customisation according to the production environment. The MIND M can be loaded manually or – using robots and grippers – fully automatically. The components can be processed using either one or two spindles, with a corresponding one or two tailstocks. This allows for the simultaneous hardening of 2 workpieces. An optionally available workpiece changer further reduces cycle times and underlines the flexibility of the system. Whether loaded manually or automatically for a batch production environment, the MIND M can be tailored to suit almost every production scenario.


(Source: EMAG Holding GmbH)

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