Flowmeters with high temperature sensors to 200 °C

Kral is a company which develops and manufactures pumps and flowmeters. In addition to the available standard model for temperatures of up to 125 °C, the OMP series is now also available with high temperature sensors for up to 200 °C.

For flowmeters that are used for lubricating liquids, the company focuses on precision meters for industrial applications. The basis for accurate measurement is a core competency: the production of measuring screws and measuring housings to very low tolerances. Sensors limit the maximum operating temperature while the flow volume and direction of flow are registered by means of spindle rotation.

For applications requiring up to 250 °C, the OMG series is still in the lineup. Kral Volumeter deliver precision of ±0.1 % of the measuring value.

(Source: Kral AG)

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