Spot IR thermometers for efficient measurements

The TG54 and TG56 Spot IR (Infrared) thermometers presented by FLIR Systems, Inc. provide non-contact surface temperature readings so you can quickly and easily take measurements in places that are out of reach. Providing a distance-to-spot ratio of up to 30:1, the TG54 and TG56 can measure smaller targets from a safer distance.

New mode options give control to view the current reading and last two temperature readings simultaneously. The TG54 and TG56 are built with a colour screen that makes it easy to navigate and select settings, plus adds visibility and efficiency to the advanced feature set. The TG54 and TG56 are go-to, pocket-sized devices for efficient temperature measurement.

The termometers allow measurements in hard-to-reach spots from farther away. With the IR (infrared) sensor it is even possible to take non-contact surface temperature measurements. The 24:1 spot ratio helps to measure smaller targets from a safer distance.

The graphical menu structure and colour display provide easy access to settings and clear navigation. Moreover, the thermometers enable an easy emissivity selection with predetermined levels and custom adjustment. They also contain stunning visual high and low alarms.

With their convenient and rugged, industrial design and the portable, compact size, the thermometers can withstand a three meter drop. The bright worklight helps to see the target in poor lighting conditions as well. The thermometers have tool-less battery compartments.

(Source: FLIR Systems, Inc.)

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