Tube furnace for heat treatment and sintering

Linn High Term, manufacturer of industrial and lab furnaces, introduces a tube furnace for applications under protective gas with a good temperature distribution. The furnace can be used for heat treatment and sintering of small components such as powders or granules.

It has a removable door with small stainless steel shell mounted on a linear unit. The insert tube made of aluminium has an inner diameter of approx. 20 mm and a length of 200 mm. The furnace allows a maximum temperature of 200 C. The heated length of the tube furnace is 150 mm; the heating power is 0.8 KW.

The tube optionally contains a gas-feeding device with a mass flow controller, a programme controller SE-702 with touch control and a temperature control by a trailing thermocouple.

(Source: Linn High Therm GmbH)

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