Britain's Royal Mint places order with Aichelin

Britain's Royal Mint has awarded industrial furnace producer Aichelin GmbH, part of the Austrian Berndorf Group, with the contract to deliver two tailor-made installations for the production of high-quality coins. The United Kingdom contract win comes after a public tender process.

In winning the contract worth more than two million euros, the heat treatment specialists from Mödling once again underscore their expertise in industrial furnace production. "We take pride in the vote of confidence and are pleased to provide The Royal Mint with our decades of know-how and the first-class quality of our furnaces. Thanks to many years of experience we are able to meet even the high standards required by Britain's Royal Mint", explained Martin Preisl, head of the Safed conveyor furnace product group with Aichelin.

Soft annealing

The two Safed conveyor furnace installations will serve the soft annealing of coin blanks. As a result, the blanks will be perfectly prepared for the minting process that follows. In addition to the conveyor furnaces, Aichelin is also undertaking the engineering infrastructure of the installations.

The experts from Mödling will ensure that all piping is engineered and laid with pinpoint accuracy, thereby guaranteeing an efficient fuel and water supply for the installations. The implementation of the contract is already in the planning phase. Local circumstances, detailed client needs and technical particulars all have an effect on the production process. Equally, all the replacement parts for the next ten years are planned into the contract.

Bright, shiny and durable

The soft annealing of the coin blanks takes place within an atmosphere produced by a gas generator also delivered by Aichelin. This guarantees that each coin leaving The Royal Mint's production facility is bright and shiny.

After the heat treatment, the coins are cooled and subsequently reach the minting station where they are struck with their definitive design. Both installations yield a high throughput of coins each hour. The full production of the Safed conveyor furnaces will be tested at the end of the year at the factory in Mödling. This will entail carrying out trial soft annealing procedures on different metals under realistic conditions. Final delivery and professional fitting are scheduled to take place in February 2016.

1,000 year tradition

The Royal Mint production facility to be supplied by Aichelin is situated in the Welsh town of Llantrisant, 15 km northwest of Cardiff. It was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1968. Prior to that, its seat was in London for over 1,000 years. Since 1968 Wales has been the home of The Royal Mint in Britain. The Royal Mint is a 100 per cent subsidiary of Her Majesty's Treasury in Britain and can look back on an eventful history. Perhaps the most famous Master of the Mint was the physicist Sir Isaac Newton in the first half of the eighteenth century.

Source: Aichelin Holding GmbH

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