New book: Induction Heating – Knowledge for practitioners

Induction heating processes and technologies are used in many industrial sectors. Due to the permanently increasing requirements on the reliable high quality of the products, on the effectiveness of the whole process chain, on the level of flexibility and automation, on the environmental sustainability of the heating processes and last but not least on the productivity and profitability, the importance of induction heating in industrial applications is continually growing.

In order to utilize the advantages of induction heating particular knowledge of the physical basics of induction heating and the specific process metallurgy as well as knowledge of the set-up and operation of induction heating equipment are indispensable. This book provides selected physical and technical basics of induction heating and informs practical oriented along numerous application examples about the construction, the set-up and design of up-to-date equipment and processes of induction heating used for forming, heat treatment, joining and cutting as well as for various special applications.

Furthermore, a separate chapter is devoted to the detailed description of power supply technologies of induction heating processes. The book is of particular assistance to users, manufacturers and designers of induction heating equipment, but also to engineers and students of pertinent specialization.

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