Remix gets new order for a rotary hearth furnace

Polish company Remix S.A. announced a new order for a large capacity rotary hearth furnace from a Polish forging manufacturer. The new furnace will be designed, manufactured and will operate in compliance with the AMS 2750E standard.

The project is for the manufacture and delivery of a gas heated rotary hearth furnace for forgings. This immense installation will be dedicated to heating of forgings at a rate of 4,500 kg per hour load capacity. In addition to the large capacity of the equipment, also significant is the usage of a heating system utilizing high efficiency regenerative burners. The installation will be delivered and commissioned at one of the leading forgings manufacturers in Poland.

Prior to this newest order, Remix has enjoyed a high level of business activity throughout the year, and their workshop in Swiebodzin, Poland holds a full backlog of projects scheduled to commence by the end of 2015 and into the first quarter of year 2016. In October 2012, Remix became the exclusive partner of AFC-HOLCROFT in the European market.

(Source: Remix S.A.)

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