Great success: Technology Day at EMAG eldec in Dornstetten, Germany

On the 24th of September – the Technology Day to which EMAG eldec Induction GmbH in Dornstetten, Germany, had invited everyone in the business – the focus was on the application of hardening processes in an industrial setting. Besides a number of interesting talks, it was the live presentation of the machine range that aroused the greatest interest.

The welcoming speech by Thomas Rank, CEO of EMAG eldec Induction GmbH, was followed by an interesting series of lectures that threw light on the use of induction hardening processes in the manufacture of transmission components, where it is used more and more as an alternative to case hardening. A reduction in component tourism, improved workpiece quality and the shorter cycle times associated with the cutting-edge hardening systems from EMAG eldec, all speak for the hardening of central components for powertrains as a part of the production line – as outlined in the talks given by Dr Christian Krause, Head of PT-H Application Technology and Dipl.-Ing. Lars Franze, Head of F&E Mechanics.

This introduction to the practical application of inductive hardening processes was followed by an academically based look at the technology. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernard Nacke from the Institute of Electrotechnology at the Leibniz University in Hanover spoke of the energy efficiency of modern induction hardening systems.

The successful start to the Technology Day had addressed the practitioner as well as the theoretician, and the listeners were curious for more.  A visit to the technology centre and a live presentation of the machines came exactly at the right time, ensuring there was plenty to talk about during the lunch break. There have not been many buzzwords heard more frequently in the mechanical engineering industry this year than „Industry 4.0“. Of course, integrated production has also been discussed at EMAG eldec, where it is part of the company’s development strategy.

Dr Harry Krötz, Head of F&E Electrotechnology introduced the latest developments in this field, which were dominated by matters of quality control and the integral collecting of machine and processing data. RFID chips containing information on the inductors used, and the uninterrupted acquisition of process parameters, ensure unbroken process and quality management and lead to optimal production results. That we are not only aware of future demands but are readily available to provide the customer with any assistance required, was explained in the talk given by Dr Clemenz Franz from the Daimler AG. What the challenges of inductive contour hardening are and how they can be met by EMAG eldec (for instance with the SDF® technology they developed), formed the core of this interesting lecture about practical applications.

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Endmann, Head of Hardening System Sales, also reported on practical applications when he introduced his listeners to other interesting projects at EMAG eldec. But the best was kept for last, of course, when Lars Franze presented the new, cost-effective power pack from eldec, the MIND-M Plus. The „Plus“ stands for a programme that offers more of everything: improved generator performance, greater frequency diversity and, consequently, a noticeably wider range of applications. The MIND-M was introduced in 2011 and impressed with its compact design and its high performance level. The MIND-M Plus is the result of consequent enhancement of the successful original in an effort to meet the complex demands of the clientele.

There was much to see for the visitors at the Technology Day. In fact, they were given an insight into the most complex manufacturing technologies for batch production. At the end of the day, the visitors where all of the same opinion: the northern part of the Schwarzwald offer nots only a scenic beauty, but also the best hardening technology that “Made in Germany“ has to offer.

(Source: EMAG eldec Induction GmbH)

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