SMS delivers a light section mill to Indonesia

PT. Gunung Raja Paksi, based in Cikarang City, Indonesia, has awarded SMS group the order to supply a continuous light section mill. The new mill will be installed at PT. Gunung Raja Paksi’s new industrial site close to their existing facilities, with production scheduled to commence in 2018.

With this mill PT. Gunung Raja Paksi will be able to expand its product portfolio and meet the increased demand for structural sections in Indonesia.

SMS group is supplying a reheating furnace with a capacity of 100 t/h, a one-strand rolling mill equipped with 15 housingless (HL) stands in horizontal, vertical, convertible and universal arrangement, a cooling bed, straightening machine, cold saws, magnetic stacker and tying machines.

The furnace will be a walking beam type, designed to achieve heat efficiency and enhanced process control by means of the SMS Prometheus software. Low-NOx burners ensure a substantial reduction of pollutants released to the atmosphere, markedly contributing to the plant’s objective of becoming a local benchmark for environmental awareness.

The rolling mill will include a roughing mill consisting of six HL mill stands, an intermediate mill consisting of five HL mill stands and a finishing mill consisting of four HL mill stands each equipped with multi-groove rolls. Between the stands of the intermediate and finishing mill vertical loop lifters will be arranged allowing tension-free rolling to closest tolerances. The intermediate and finishing mill will be designed for flexible operation in horizontal/vertical, horizontal only or universal arrangement. 

Starting materials will be 150 and 200 mm square billets with a length of 12 m and 300 x 250 mm beam blanks, heated in a walking beam type reheating furnace.

The mill will be designed to produce 500,000 t/a of a wide range of products, such as equal and unequal angles, channels, H-beams, squares and hexagonal bars for the Indonesian market.

(Source: SMS group)

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