Andritz Metals wins Energy Globe Award

International technology Group Andritz has been awarded the Energy Globe Award, one of the world's most prestigious environment awards, for its environmental protection technologies Pyromars and Zemap. The technologies developed by Andritz enable a nitrate-free production of stainless steel.

The Pyromars technology was developed to recover the hydrofluoric and nitric acid, which is consumed in the production of stainless steel, from the pickling process (waste pickling acid) and re-use it in the same process. With the new Zemap technology (Zemap: Zero Effluent Mixed Acid Pickling), the effluent from the rinsing section is treated and then regenerated. The acid-containing concentrate from the Zemap plant is treated and regenerated in the Pyromars system, and the pure condensate is used again subsequently in the rinsing section. Andritz supplied the first plant combining Pyromars and Zemap technologies to Walsin Lihwa. With these technologies, the Taiwanese steel producer is currently building the first stainless steel plant worldwide that can be operated nitrate-free. The Energy Globe Award has been presented since 1999 for outstanding, sustainable projects focusing on conservation of resources, energy efficiency, and use of renewable energies.

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