Remix will deliver horizontal vacuum furnace to US heat treatment plant

A newly engineered horizontal vacuum furnace will undergo construction end of 2015 at the manufacturing facility of Remix in Świebodzin, Poland. The unit is dedicated to carry out high pressure quenching in inert gas at 10 bar followed by vacuum tempering. In summer 2016, the furnace will be delivered to an American commercial heat treating plant.

Due to a range of services offered by the customer, workpieces of varying dimensions will be processed in the furnace. The useful dimensions of the heating chamber (910 x 910 x 1,220 mm) ensure effective treatment, even at maximum load capacity of 3,000 kg.

A unique feature of this vacuum furnace is its four-zone system of cooling nozzles. This solution allows for control of gas flow intensity in the working chamber depending on the shape and distribution of workload. For example, when workload mass is concentrated at the bottom section of the chamber and also at the front or rear sections, adjustments can be made to provide for optimum conditions for uniform cooling, taking into account the conditions created in those chamber sections.

It is worth noting that the this vacuum furnace is not the first unit to be delivered by Remix to same overseas customer. Currently work is underway on a pit furnace for gas nitriding, which will be commissioned at the turn of May/June 2016.

(Source: Remix S.A.)

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