Main control pulpit on the casting deck of the two-strand continuous slab caster No. 7, China Steel Corp.

SMS modernizes continuous slab caster of China Steel

China Steel Corporation (CSC), Taiwan, has requested SMS to revamp its continuous slab caster No. 4 at the Kaohsiung location. SMS will supply a new hydraulic oscillator drive, inclu­ding the pump station and the X-Pact process control system, to replace the electro-mechanical drive.

For the mold, SMS is supplying new thermocouples and the tech­nological process models. The level 2 models of the X-Pact electrical and automation system contain Temperature Monitoring (Mold Monitoring System) and the Breakout Prediction System.

The new hydraulic oscillator drive allows setting of the variable oscillation frequency, stroke length and curve shape. The breakout prediction system enables any possible stickers to be recognized already at an early stage and preventive measures to be taken. Monitoring of the process sequence in the mold is provided by temperature measurement via thermocouples on the mold copper plates.

SMS group’s range of services also includes the project manage­ment, on-site training of the operating personnel and the commissioning supervision.

Start-up is scheduled for the end of 2016. China Steel has placed this modernization order as a follow-up to the successful implementation of the Mold Monitoring System from SMS in continuous caster No. 7 in the same works.

China Steel operates Taiwan’s largest integrated steel plant and produces around 10 mio. t of steel per year there.

(Source: SMS group)

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