Ajax Tocco supplies 100 kHz induction dryer for steel strip coating

Ajax Tocco Magnethermic recently shipped a 1,900 kW/100,000 Hz induction heating dryer system to a steel strip galvanizing producer in China for the drying of coatings including Passivation, with and without chrome products, and organics. This high powered induction dryer is designed to heat steel strip 0.40 to 2.50 mm thick, and 800 to 1,676 mm wide at a rate of 220 m/min or 116 t/h. The equipment will provide a temperature rise of 90 °C.

The system is designed as a single, unitized package assembly which includes the frequency converter, capacitor cabinet and single turn heating coil. The project also included the interface I/O, heating control model, and water cooling system. The installer puts the system in place and only connects power, water, and control to the respective takeover points, minimizing on-site installation time.

As the innovator of strip heating systems, equipment like this can be packaged and used in several areas of a strip heating line, including galvanizing. Ajax Tocco has provided high powered systems with frequencies ranging from 3,000 to 450,000 Hz for heating strip, depending on the customer’s requirements.

(Source: Ajax Tocco Magnethermic)

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