Greetings by Stephan Schalm, Managing Editor of heat processing product group

Dear readers, customers and business partners,

heat processing's new B2B portal is online right now!

As a partner for industry, associations and research, we supply in crossmedial format the foundations for sound business decisions in the form of up-to-date, carefully structured information, report in detail on everything worth knowing about the current state of the technical art, and highlight innovative trends in thermoprocessing technology.

As a B2B information service-provider, we thus fulfil, professionally and reliably, our task of expertly verifying information for our industry, preparing it on a supra-medial and technically correct basis, and presenting it in a modern and reader-friendly context.

The easy availability of such information is now more important than ever – dependable, well-founded technical information available at any time is vital for everyone aiming to position themselves successfully on today's industrial-furnace engineering, heat treatment and thermal process-engineering markets, and forms the essential basis for future-orientated strategies and successful, cost-effective decisions.

This is why the new Platform for Thermoprocessing Technologies is much more than "just" a NEWS portal – the intuitive menu guidance system assures unique interlinking of the Knowledge, Community and Market Place items in a smartly networked form to deliver even more value for the user.

Try it out now!

In addition to the latest news in our "Up-to-date" section, the Knowledge section contains the subject focuses of all technical articles published in heat processing magazine (free-of-charge for subscribers, of course), and also details of relevant technical books, authors and other decision-makers in the industry, enabling you to obtain direct information on supplier companies on this extensive Market Place.

The hp Exclusive feature is where we publish numerous selected reports, interesting interviews and much, much more, free-of-charge for all readers.

A Jobs Portal and the dates and details of all relevant international Events provide an impressive conclusion and make this Internet presence a useful tool for all practitioners and decision-makers in our field.

Our target, both today and tomorrow, is to deliver top-quality technical journalism and recognised advertising channels for our readers and partners in industry and commerce - available anywhere, any time!

I wish all of you the greatest enjoyment in reading, obtaining information and networking.  

Stephan Schalm
Managing Editor

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