Ajax Tocco installs twin floating inductor weld preheat system

Ajax Tocco Magnethermic has completed the installation of a twin bead weld preheat system for SAW (submerged arc weld) process at a manufacturer of high capacity heavy duty fork / lift trucks. This is the second installation at this facility for Ajax Tocco. The first install was single bead preheat system. The new twin bead floating inductor weld preheat system simultaneously heats two corners of a 30-ft long, 5-t weldment at a rate of 28 inches/min to 250 °F. The sections of the weldment that are joined are 1-inch thick.

Preheat time has been reduced from 2 h down to 10 s. Over 700,000 BTU’s worth of natural gas-fired infrared heaters have been replaced with a single Ajax Tocco 35 kW Toccotron AC induction heating power source.

Total fabrication time was reduced by over 60 %, allowing the manufacturer to produce one weldment per shift versus one weldment every 2.5 shifts.

Each of the two inductors are positioned approx. 24 inches in front of two 1000-amp sub arc weld torches. The inductors and torches move in tandem. The weldment is simultaneously heated and welded as gantry traverses the length of the fillet.

Real-time, active temperature feedback and control are provided by an Ajax Tocco-supplied, non-contact infrared sensor. The output of the induction heater is constantly varied by the PID controller to maintain a constant user-defined preheat temperature.

Ajax Tocco air-cooled induction weld preheat systems offer many advantages including:

  • Controlled cooling rates
  • Increased penetration
  • Increased feed rates
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced consumables
  • Improved operator comfort
  • Decreased energy use
  • Improved safety.

(Source: Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Corporation)

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