PQS heat-treatment system in multi-slit operation in a bar mill from Primetals

Primetals to supply bar mill to Amreli Steels

Primetals Technologies has received an order to supply a bar mill to Amreli Steels Ltd., a rebar steel producer based in Karachi, Pakistan. The rolling mill is designed to produce around 400,000 metric tons of reinforcing steel and round bars every year.

The new bar mill will more than triple the production capacities of Amreli Steels Ltd., which will put it in a good position to meet the demands of increasing construction activity in Pakistan. The finished products will meet national and international standards. The bar mill is scheduled for commissioning in early 2017. Amreli Steels is the leading producer of rebars in Pakistan, and currently has an annual production capacity of 180,000 metric tons of rebar. The demand for steel products is at a record high in Pakistan, with the iron and steel sector growing by 36 percent last year. In addition, a large number of infrastructure, residential and commercial construction projects are currently at the planning stage. Amreli Steels is boosting its production capacity to allow for these developments. The new bar mill from Primetals Technologies has a capacity of 400,000 metric tons per year. It can roll up to 75 tons of steel bar per hour at a top rolling speed of 13 meters per second. The mill processes billets with a square cross-section of 150 x 150 millimeters, a length of 12 meters, and a weight of 2,080 kilograms. The finished products are rebars with diameters ranging from 8 to 40 millimeters. The productivity of the plant is maximized by rolling bars with diameters of between 8 and 10 millimeters in four-slit mode, and diameters between 8 and 14 millimeters in two-slit mode. As well as rebars, the mill can also produce round bars with diameters between 16 and 60 millimeters.

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